Katrina Marie <33 (shootinstarz52) wrote in shiz_university,
Katrina Marie <33

Trying this again!

i am the new maintainer... Katrina.. and uh yeah..

we are going to try something new with this community..
a new contest every week.. i.e icon tests, wicked poetry, wicked quizes,
lyric challenges,and many others
so this week..
it will be an icon/lyric contest.

Submit icons in this post!

***The winning icon will be used for the Community Icon***

You may use any Wicked picture you want but..
you must use three words.. from the song "dear old shiz"
they must be clear on the icon!
you can use any brushes and programs you need...
when you post your icon make sure you have the url for it along with the picture..

such as...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


DEADLINE Is next monday at midnight!
you can submit up to 3 icons!!**
and have fun!
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