Leighly the Strange (a_wee_bit_tipsy) wrote in shiz_university,
Leighly the Strange

Just in case anyone's still around the comm...

Hey! I hope this is all right--if it's not, let me know and I'll delete the post. But I thought that since this community is full of creative Wicked fans, I'd mention that I've created a community on LJ dedicated to Wicked (both book and musical) fanfiction. It's called WickFic, and it's open to both readers and writers--those who want to publicize their fanfic and those who just want to read others'. It's brand-new, so we're low on members--but don't let that stop you from joining, because the member count increases only when people join. ^_^


Thanks for checking it out--hope to see you there!

(This is cross-posted in a few different communities.)
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